• -In your opinion, is traditional karate martial or educational sport?

-Karate is a martial arts, meanwhile it includes educational system in it. Not anyone can persist the demands and educational norms put in front of our athletes. Our task is firstly to give them moral and psychologically strong upbringing, make them a generation who will carry principles and best human values, who will be useful to the society and will become an example with their behavior. In my opinion Armenian teenagers should grow up with such ideals that tomorrow they will be able to become good fathers for their families, patriotic sons for their homeland and moral character for the society. In order for a karate atlete to become a real combatant, he must go through three important stages of upbringing: Physical, technical and moral. My athletes are aware of these stages very well, and the success which ther\y record in different championships, in natural.

    • -In what situation is the development of karate in Nagorno Kharabagh?

-This the type of martial arts, that we need it ourselves first of all. I mean the past and the history of our nation. We need karate firstly for self-defense, for bringing up a moral generation. Everyone must realize this truth and show appropriate treatment towards karate. Our children do not concede the children from other countries, just the opposite, they are deeper, smarter and more responsible. I think we just need some financial sponsorship, o that we can go onto international stages, participate in championships, encourage children, develop the martial art, create new schools. Our future should be created by morally strong people, that’s why we must bring up a moral generation.

    • -How are the conditions in Federation’s schools?

– In Nagorno-Karabagh the federation has overall 8 schools with about 50 children training at each of them. The conditions are normal, the important aspect is their treatment towards karate. If they like it, they will train even under rain, this is what I think.